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My name is Kai and I’ve wanted to make things for as long as I can remember.

I never really had the right amount of time or space for it, but it drove me to study and become an acoustic engineer and get the skills I needed to make things sound good.

I studied and trained in Finland, where I come from.

Last year I moved across Europe and I started trying to leave the office life behind, and find more ways to work independently. Now I make instruments from scratch, and I also design and manufacture audio electronic components.

I want to help learners, aspiring musicians, audiophiles and geeks like me.

That’s why I also take a little time to write and publish simple guides and articles, some opinion pieces and the odd industry rant.

With so many complex topics to it, the audio world is also full of confusing and inaccurate information. I’d like to use my work to help put things in clear terms, and help more people find ways to enjoy this space.