Banner showing closeup of a printed circuit board

As a kid I learned the basics of electronics with my father, and then about 15 years ago I built my first gainclone amplifier for fun. At the time I wanted an alternative to the big boxes I had at home, so I made it as small and utilitarian as I could.

These days I still find clean and utilitarian components more challenging than anything big or flashy. I try going against assumed solutions, with design decisions based on proven acoustic engineering principles.

When my studies and life got in the way, I had to take a long break from designing and building.
Now I have a backlog of ideas I’d love to put out.
I’m starting with a nano stack (NS) series, where everything plays well together.
You can already check out the first part of it - NS-01 headphone amplifier
I’m now prototyping the next parts of my NS series: a passive preamplifier, a digital to analog converter, and a RIAA equalizer.

Keep following my pages to get updates on the NS and other upcoming series.


A series of small units designed to work together.

Future units: