Banner with a detail of a guitar


At the moment I’m focused on guitars.

I made my first one with a kit, years ago, while living in Finland. The second one came shortly after that - made from Two of my early guitarsscratch, using alder and maple.

My first original design is from 2015 - I used pine and birch from my family’s backyard, and that’s what first got me interested in finding sustainable ways to make these instruments.

To this day, I prefer local woods to more exotic alternatives, and I never use any endangered woods.

Whenever possible, I avoid plastic. Wood and metal can be easier to work with, and they give the instrument a more organic feel. A guitar’s sound is always tied to the materials it’s made of, and how they allow the strings to resonate.

I primarily design and make electric guitars.

I’m very influenced by the classics, but I always look for small ways to innovate.

My style is Nordic and minimalistic - I tend to leave out anything without a clear function. The decluttered look makes my guitars very beginner-friendly and appropriate for learners and hobbyists.

Every guitar I make starts out as a 3D model. That allows me to locate its center of gravity, to make it balanced, ergonomic and easy to play.

While my instruments have a “handmade in Europe” price tag, I’m always trying to improve my process and make it more cost-effective. The idea is to provide a fair value for money.

Get in touch if you’d like to talk about getting a fully customized guitar made. I’m always happy to take commissions.