Submitted by Kuosch on Wed, 2020-05-06 - 12:39

Status: Available

First unit of the NanoStack family, this headphone amp was designed to be able to drive even difficult loads, while keeping the construction simple. To maximise repairability, it uses only standard parts available from various sources, so even possible discontinuation of any one component will not prevent maintenance and repair. 


A simple 2-stage headphone amplifier with a focus on small size and easy assembly, without sacrificing sound quality.

Quick specs

A simple 2-stage op-amp topology, with paralleled output stage.
Input: 3.5 mm stereo
Output: 3,5 mm stereo
Power: USB, max. 1 watt in.
Operating voltage: 5 V in, converted internally to +9V and -9V.




Measurement results into 500 ohm load with 1 kHz sine signal
Measurement results into 500 ohm resistive load with 1 kHz sinewave input. The noise floor is actually the measurement setup noise floor.


Render of the NS-01 circuit board.
Rendering of the revision D circuit board
Assembled prototype unit.
Assembled prototype unit


2020-08-13: Production PCBs arrived
2020-08-04: PCBs available for preorder at Tindie
2020-08-04: A build guide was published on Headphonesty
2020-07-29: Second prototype built and works.
2020-07-20: First prototype built. Has hidden short.
2020-07-15: PCBs arrived.
2020-05-18: Received components, still waiting for the PCBs.
2020-05-02: OSHPark shipped the PCBs.
2020-04-23: Prototype went to fab.
2020-04-21: Prototype ordered from OSHPark